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Style and Interpretation: The Inevitability of Banality in a ‘Contemporary’ Art

What could Jean Baudrillard possibly have had in mind when he casually quipped that, “art is no longer anything more than a kind of meta-language for banality”? Besides the fact that the idea of a meta-language is somewhat a pretentious notion, was art ever something more than an attempt to express the language of language? […]

Towards an Empty Theology: a brief thought on kenosis

Kenosis is the idea of renouncing one’s own nature in order to take up another nature. In theology it comes in when Christ renounces the infinite nature of divinity in order to take up and exist in human form.  Most are prone to think that (or at least in the tradition I am in) God […]

Subverting the Norm

I just received confirmation that I will be presenting at a conference this April! Information for it is here: SubvertingTheNorm. My presentation is called “When the Hedonism of Heaven Expires: Towards Reifying an Expansive Concept of History”. It will be a look at how concepts of language and history are ‘open’ rather than closed systems […]

The Super Bowl?(a dialogue about religion, sports, and capitalism) (part 2)

JORDAN: I agree with your first critique of my position of sports as religion and your argument that it really points to the religion of capitalism. I particularly enjoyed this line: “The excitement harnessed during a football, basketball, or especially baseball game is that every game is a set of familiar, yet original situations; while […]

What Tool is a Weapon? (A dialogue about religion, sports, and capitalism) (Part 1)

As a preface to this post – Jordan and I both go to Fuller and have once started talking about the the nature of sports as it relates to culture, philosophy, and theology. For more posts from Jordan Mattox, go here: Jordan’s blog. In memory of this Super Bowl sunday, we present this is part of […]