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Zarathustra Laughs. – The Mob Blinks while Zarathustra Laughs

For Zarathustra, laughter has a legion of faces. The wisdom of Comedy, to be manifest as wisdom, must pierce the frigid demeanor of the mob, in whom “there is ice in their laughter.” Despite their cold happiness, Nietzsche assures us, life is a well of joy—but “where the rabble drinks all wells are poisoned.” Therefore, […]

Nietzsche and an Insidious form of Forgetting

Throughout Nietzsche’s writing, repressed by the flair of his central theses, one can find the teaching of the joyous, affirmative act of forgetting. Forgetting? What could possibly be positive about forgetfulness? People who forget are typically taken as being, at best, foolish or silly, and at worst, unknowing and stupid. Nevertheless, for Nietzsche forgetfulness is […]